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Strub machine oils

Petroline supplies high quality lubricants and technical cleaning agents. We have a reputation in quality, ecology and innovation in all areas of tribology. Become acquainted with our different applications of lubricants and tribological applications on the following topics. Discover how the high quality, high-tech products are developed since 90 years and how the development process is done by our research team. We like to demonstrate how interesting, challenging and indispensable good lubrication is. 

Swiss technology:

  • Metalworking Fluids

  • Cutting Oils

  • Slideway Oils

  • Hydraulic Oils

  • Biobalanced Metalworking Fluids

  • Grinding Oils

  • Lubricants

  • System cleaners

  • Service Sprays 

  • Corrosion Preventives

  • Maintenance Equipment 

  • Testing Equipment