Emulsion Filling Systems - PetroFill

petrofill coolant auto-analyser and dosingsystem with coolant-analyser

Automatic Coolant Auto-Analyser and Dosing system

24/7 topping up your coolant tanks

In workshops where coolant tanks are manually filled by operators, using hoses, cans or movable containers, generally enormous cost reduction can be achieved when switching over to this new PetroFill system. Coolant maintenance and weekly measurement is necessary to prevent quality loss and to extend coolant life cycle. This PetroFill system has been developed to ease operators’ tasks in toolshops, so they can focus upon specialized machining. PetroFill systems can check coolant, concentrate in the drum, pressure loss due to leaking or breaking feeding hoses, filling time, over floating risks etc. The pay-back time (R.O.I.), depending on customers starting position, could be approx. 15 – 18 months.


"You would not believe the benefits we got from installing the system. The workers are no longer tied up in a task that they never liked to perform.

We save about 20 working hours per week. We also noticed a savings of about 20% in the consumption of cooling lubricant concentrate.

We finally have peace of mind concerning our coolant lubricant management.

The advantages are still hard to believe. But after one half year of use, I can strongly recommend the Petrofill cooling lubricant filling system to anyone.
In terms of workpiece precision and wastage, we have also made tremendous progress."

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