Belt Filters

Customized Filtration systems:

Extend the life of your coolant lubricant

Our products help you to take care of your liquids. Whether water, emulsion or oil, they ensure a long service life for your media. Large filter systems that supply entire machine halls. Medium-sized filter systems that service machine groups. Single-filter systems dedicated to one machine. Continuous filter belts, pumps, skimmers etc.


Gravity filter

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Polo Inclined bed Filters

Inclined bed filter

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Round bed filter

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Vacuum filter 

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Endless filters 

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Magnetic filter

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Filtration fleeces

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Belt Filters

A belt filter cleans fluids regardless of the degree of contamination, fluid (viscosity) and quantity (flow rate). It is important that a belt filter supplies a consistent quality even if the above-mentioned aspects change. Each type belt filter has its own qualities and applications.

In metalworking applications a belt filter is necessary to prevent blocking of coolant hoses and coolant tanks to be filled up with metal chips. Of course tool life will increase, due to filtration and end product quality will be maintained.

Better results

More and more inclined belt filters are used in tool rooms, because they offer a large filtration surface in a compact area. Furthermore the filter residue will grow thicker on top of the fleece and so reduces fleece usage, combined with better filtration results.

Filter Fleeces

The variety of filter fleeces is very wide and is wanted to optimize the filtration process, depending on contamination such as chip size and shape. The new range of 3D-fleeces show amazing filtration achievements, combined with extended life.


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