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Air purification devices and systems for ventilating oil and emulsion mist that occur during metalworking processes.

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Production hall with modern air ventilation and purification system 


Strong Performance, Clean Air

The past 20 years, the production of oil and emulsion mist separation equipment and air handling systems has been improved a lot. The air cleaning units and systems distinguish themselves by their high efficiency. They can be combined with recirculation and exhaust air systems as well as heat recovery systems. These units and systems combine energy efficiency with environmental friendliness and sustainability.
An excellent, cross-industry expertise in plant engineering is being used. The results are customer-specific solutions that are designed and installed by qualified engineers and professionals. Furthermore, comprehensive service is available to customers throughout the service life of a system or a unit.

The air cleaning units represent high quality, sustainability, occupational safety and environmental protection.

Air cleaning systems - Sustainability

Central Extraction Units – the Reasonable Alternative

Central air cleaning systems are useful when suction and air cleaning is required on several processing machines. The individual processing machines are connected to a central suction pipe. Only a central air cleaning unit is required for suction and cleaning. This also means that only one unit needs to be monitored and maintained.
A central extraction system offers the possibility of a regulated exhaust and recirculation operation with the advantages of a continuous air exchange. Both odor nuisance and relative humidity in the production shop are reduced. The manufacturing staff permanently receive a regulated fresh air supply.
The air cleaning systems can be installed quickly and easily. Only leak-proof Jacob flange pipes are used for the extraction of unpurified air. Thanks to the modular principle, the conduit can quickly and easily be adapted to new conditions in case of an extension or reorganization of the machine park.

Stand Alone Units

The single units are a well-defined solution for a particular application and can be placed directly on or at the machine tool. The air cleaning unit and processing center form a unit. This means a high degree of flexibility in the installation of machinery and the rearrangement of machines. The individual units require little installation effort and usually only short tubing.
The single units are used in recirculation mode. This means that the cleaned air is blown directly back into the production hall.
The quality of the purified air meets the legal requirements for the recirculation mode throughout the entire year. The statutory requirements for the cooling lubricant concentrations of the production hall air at work are strictly adhered to.

Mechanical Filtration / Separation

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Due to constantly increasing cutting and process speeds in machine tools in connection with high coolant lubricant pressures, more and more fine aerosols are being released into the ambient air. This contaminated air should and must not be released into the environment or the production hall unpurified.Because this is the air that we breathe on a daily basis. read more >>

Electrostatic Filtration / Separation

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Petroline: air purification devices and systems for purifying the oil and emulsion mists that occur during metalworking processes.