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Petroline International B.V. is total supplier of high quality metalworking oil & lubricants and equipment for filtration, maintenance, mixing, dosing, and air cleaning.Our goal is to achieve maximum coolant quality with effortless usage and sustainability.

metalworking oil and lubricant

Topic in our sales program is our PetroFill automatic mixing and dosing systems, supplying 24/7 fresh coolant to metalworking machines such as lathes, boring and milling machines, grinding machines etc. The latest development is the permanent On-line coolant measuring System covering pH, concentration and conductivity connected to our PetroFill dosing system for automatic corrections.

petrofill fully automatic coolant dosing and mixing system with auto-analyser and dosingsystem

Peter JanseBoth in filtration of oil/coolants and air purification in workshops, we can provide standard equipment for basic stand-alone function as well as customized and dedicated solutions for machine groups.
Our team of experts can offer the best options for you, based upon long-term experience.

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