Metalworking fluid control

PetroFill: Fully automatic emulsion filling system

Petrofill: Fully automatic emulsion filling system

Many production companies are unaware of the time wasted through the manual topping up of machine
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Metalworking Fluids, Cutting Oils, Slideway Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Biobalanced, Metalworking Fluids, Grinding Oils, Lubricants, Cleansers, Service Sprays , Corrosion Preventives

Metalworking fluids

Our specialists are emulsion coaches and can improve your production processes.

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afzuiging werkplaats - dampafzuiging - nevelafzuiging

Mechanical and electrostatic air purification devices

Air purification devices and systems for ventilating and purifying the oil and emulsion mists that occur during metalworking processes.
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Belt filters - Filtration systems for water, emulsion or oil

Filtration systems

Large filter systems that supply entire machine halls. Medium-sized filter systems that service machine groups.
Single-filter systems dedicated to one machine.

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Filtration fleeces for various applications in the metalworking industry

Filtration fleeces

Wide range of filtration fleeces for various applications in the metalworking industry.

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Service & toolroom equipment

High quality equipment and service products, such as skimmers, assembling paste and rust preventives.


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